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Among neurological disorders, Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia over 65 years of age, characterized by memory loss, temporal space deficiency, personality and behavior disorders.

The disease is progressive and difficult to diagnose.

Only in Italy it has afflicted 600,000 people and every year an Alzheimer's patient costs the family and the community about 60,000 euros.

In front of such a large scenario of age-related diseases, it is important to point out that discomfort is not only experienced by the patient in the first person but also by the families who, in addition to dealing with emotional conflicts, are also forced to strive for the heavy task of continued assistance, characterized by a considerable amount of economic resources.


In addition, the current state of public health and the uncertainty over the available resources make it uncertain of the opportunity to properly assist and treat the hundreds of thousands of elderly people suffering from "old age sickness" - chronic neurodegenerative diseases that would require adequate and effective continuity of care.

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