WayGuard System Components

WG-DPAxxx Series Power Amplifiers


Full range of power amplifiers, featuring high-efficiency Class D circuitry in compact 1U rack-mountable unit.

WG-DPA124 quad channel 120W each

WG-DPA242 twin channel 240W each

WG-DPA501 single channel 500W

WG-DPA241 single channel 240W


WG-ELM01 Ethernet Module


The Ethernet module, to be installed in the WG-MSU05 Unit, allows to link two or more Wayguard systems. Any audio content may thus be forwarded and played on any zone of any sub-system. Full supervisory of data link is ensured according to the EN54-16 requirements. In addition, the system logs may be captured by a dedicated PC Software


WG-SCC01 RS232 Module


The RS232 module adds standard connectivity to the Wayguard system in those applications where remote monitoring is needed.

WG-ELDxx EN54-24 Loudspeakers


Selected EN54-24 loudspeaker range fea-turing:

WG-ELD01 ceiling 5" speaker

WG-ELD02 outdoor horn speaker

WG-ELD03 outdoor-indoor 5" projector

WG-ELD04 Bass Reflex Monitor

WG-ELD32 Sound Bi-Direct Projector.

WG-EFM10 Microphone Station


Emergency PTT-Style microphone station featuring a monitored dynamic capsule, automatic audio compressor and digital interfacement to the WG-MSU05. The unit comes in a red powder-painted steel box with key-locked door.

BEST Software


Configuration tool for the Wayguard system allows the user to design the system behavior, and configure all functions and features. Every system is supplied with the standard edition. Advanced and extra-featured version is available as an option.

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