Fully flexibility, full scalability.

Up to 108 microphone stations, up to 108 zones. Plug-in zone controllers and external power amplifiers for maximum scalability and budgetary setups.

True performance and integrity.

Continuous and independent monitoring of zone amplifiers, loudspeaker lines and ground faults. Secureaudio is designed to work with any amplifier and any loudspeaker with no need for line terminations. Initial calibration of amplifier volume, automatic search for full output power and FFT based loudspeaker electrical data measurement allow the maximum efficiency, true performance and accurate monitoring. Fully flexibility, full scalability.

Proven performance

Wayguard is a complete, fully featured and fully scalable public address emergency sound system, leading in performance, ease of fuse and reliability.


The tailored solution

Wayguard was designed for medium and large public address and voice alarm applications, but thanks to its extreme flexibility, Secureaudio is the choice for any building size. Its matrix arrangement allows up 108 zones and 108 microphone stations. The integrated management and monitoring allow Wayguard to configure the system with power amplifiers sized on the loudspeaker line design. Secureaudio is featured to forward dedicated and independent recorded messages on each zone.

Integrity and clarity: always!

Wayguard voice evacuation system is fully supervised to ensure spoken or recorded messages integrity by constantly monitoring the operation of audio and data paths from the microphone capsule, to the internal circuitry, power amplifiers and loudspeaker lines. The built-in redundancy management that automatically switches to spare power amplifiers is a guarantee for continuity of operation.


Certified solution

Wayguard is designed and certified according to the European Standard EN 54-16 that is mandatory in the EU, but recognize in many countries around the world.

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