WayGuard Key Products

WG-MSU05 Master Unit


The Master Unit is the heart of the Wayguard system. This is the main controller that manages all events and audio flows. The master unit may be fitted with up to 5 line controllers, one spare amplifier and 108 microphone stations. The unit comes in an elegant 19" 2U rack-mountable chassis.


WG-ESU08 Slave Unit


Where lots of zones, up to 108, are needed, several Slave Units may be stacked to the WG-MSU05 Master. Each slave unit carries up to 8 zone controller slots and a port for one spare amplifier. The unit comes in an elegant 19" 2U rack-mountable chassis.



WG-LMM01 Main Zone Controller


The zone controller is the system frontend to power amplifier and loudspeaker line. The module feeds audio contents and performs the constant monitoring of amplifier and loudspeaker line without the need for terminators. The module is open-frame and has to be mounted on Master or Slave units.

WG-LRM01 Slave Zone Controller


The redundant zone controller shall be used whenever the same audio content has to be diffused over a doubled loudspeaker line. The WG-LRM01 operates in combination with the main WG-LMM01 zone controller. The couple provides for independent line monitoring in addition to all the features of the WG-LMM01 module.








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