EN54 Standard - Fire Alarm &

Emergency Sound Systems Overview


What is EN54?

  • EN54 is a mandatory European Standard that specifies requirements and test procedures for fire detection and alarm systems.
  • EN54 is widely recognized around the world for several countries outside EU
  • According to the "Product Construction Directive" 89/106/CE, Fire alarm and detection systems shall be certified under EN54 Standard.
  • Certification recognizes that the product fulfils performance and safety requirements and allow the manufacturer to affix the CE marking.
  • CE mark is the legal condition for trade of fire alarm systems


The EN54 European Standard consists of several parts each covering mandatory requirements of specific equipment



  • EN54-1 General Overview
  • EN54-2 Fire alarm main units
  • EN54-4 Power Supplies
  • EN54-5 Heat detectors
  • EN54-7 Smoke detectors
  • EN54-10 Flame and fire detectors
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • EN54-16 Voice alarm and control equipment
  • EN54-24 Loudspeakers

What is EN54-16 and when does it apply?

EN54-16 is the part of the European Standard specifying requirements, performance and tests criteria for voice alarm equipment installed in buildings, where the alarm signals are in form of tones, spoken messages or both.


EN54-16 applies when:

  • the voice alarm system is controlled and/or triggered by the fire detection system (EN54-2)
  • national requirements


Application is not necessary when:

  • the voice alarm is a stand-alone unit triggered by the user
  • when it is controlled by devices other than EN54-2 fire detection systems


Shiratech EN54-16 Emergency Sound System is a public-address audio equipment that provides evacuation information and instructions through loudspeakers placed inside the building. Building areas are divided into zones; each zone is fitted with a group of loudspeakers that is feeded by a dedicated line. The EVAC receives inputs from the main fire control unit and forwards a recorded or a live spoken message in those zones subject to fire alarm.

Audio path management is achieved through a switch matrix that routes the sources to each zone accordingly to user inputs or commands from fire alarm unit.


Shiratech voice alarm system is certified on EN54-16 Standard by a notified body. A list of all notified bodies can be found on EU institutional websites.

The certificate released by the notified body contains:

• Certificate number

• Approved system components

• Approved options


The indication of approvement is the certificate number that shall be visible on the main parts of the system and in the accompanied documents.


WayGuard is the fully scalable EN54-16 certified voice alarm evacuation system designed and made by Shiratech. Fully featured, extremely flexible, easy to use and with an outstanding audio quality, WayGuard is the choice for any building size.

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